When exploring any area, getting to know the hills and the valleys, a custom experience can be a great idea. Ensuring you get a taste of everything you wanted to see, designing your own adventure allows you to balance your time and skip the parts that don’t appeal to you. Whether spending your time knee deep in tours and races, or simply spreading it out to enjoy daily leisure rides, a custom tour means you hold the reigns of your biking experience. A great way to see everything South Africa’s trails and routes have to offer, a custom tour allows you to experience both road rides and off-road trails, all the while finding favourite spots. Giving you complete control over your time, you can do what your heart desires while getting a true view of this natural wonderland.

Stages can include road and mountain bike stages. Stage dates to run consecutively, one stage per day e.g. 4 stages on 10, 11, 12, 13th of a month.

- Select a stage from list below.
- Add to basket
- Insert preferred date per stage
- Select another stage up to a minimum of 4 stages or a maximum of 10